The 2016 Year Stats


We continue to update the thousands of pages on our website. There are still many more to be updated and we ask your help to review pages and let us know of any errors or updating you feel is needed. 


Visit our District and Club History section - - to check if your District and Club are there.  If not, add them. Last year we experienced a record number of people accessing the site with more than 250,000 visitors, Rotarians and others accessing more than 1,200,000 pages. Our website was clicked on more than 4,600,000 times indicating the treasure trove of information included there in of the History of Rotary International and the interest of Rotarians in the 103 countries that RGHF is represented in.


There is a long list of countries that have from which Rotarians have visited our site and we have listed those for your information on our site at: The statistics clearly indicate the value of the information included on our site for the information of all Rotarians and other visitors.


There are 196 recognized countries in the world, in addition to territories and countries not generally recognized, making a total of about 224 including Vatican City, Syria, North Korea, Chad, Comoros, Marshall Islands, Isle of Man, Norfolk Island, Sao Tome and Principe, Nauru, Tonga, Turkmenistan among others and we are proud to note that we have had visits to our site from all of them to The Rotary Global History Fellowship (RGHF) site helping to spread Rotary throughout the world.


Based on our subscriber data base, the latest total of registered Rotarians who receive our Weekly newsletter What Paul Harris Said (WPHS) and our banner publication Our Rotary Foundation Newsletter is 112,009 and growing.  Are you on the list?  We are proud to note that these numbers are increasing each month.


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