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A 3rd 100% RGHF Club of Cyprus Rotary!!!



Rotary Club of Limassol - Berengaria Cosmopolitan, Cyprus, D2452, Zone 20b, founded in 2001,is now the new 100% RGHF Club in the World, the 1st from Limassol and the 3rd 100% RGHF Club of Cyprus, after the Rotary Club of Nicosia-Lefkothea, as the 1st in the World

(with all 72 members joining in 2009) and the Rotary Club of Kyreniaas the 3rd in the World

(with all 20 members joining in 2016).


You may see details of Berengaria Club on

Cyprus Rotary sets a new RGHF World Record


Congratulations go out to Rotary Club “NICOSIA-LEFKOTHEA”,

continuing to maintain the RGHF World Record,

as the Club with the largest percentage of RGHF members from the whole world:  89,36%





for 2016-2017!! (See chapter 100% RGHF Clubs)


The Rotary Club of Kyrenia,


Cyprus, RGHF Zone 20bc,


has achieved an additional RGHF World Record,


becoming the 2nd RGHF 100%


from Cyprus, after the Rotary Club of Nicosia-Lefkothea.


The Rotary Club of  Limassol - Berengaria Cosmopolitan,


Cyprus, RGHF Zone 20bc,


has achieved an additional RGHF World Record,


becoming the 5ht RGHF 100%

Hearty congratulation to all Cyprus Rotarians


for continuing to be loyal members of our Wonderful 


Rotary Global History Fellowship (RGHF) Family


and showing the world what they can do.



Fantastic effort by fantastic members.



The first country with its own Committee, all Assistant Governors are participating in the committee.

RGHF and RLI are cooperating to create an RLI Graduate history Course

In memoriam Presidents of ROTARY/One

In memoriam Presidents of ROTARY/One

In Memoriam: Jim Barker, President of ROTARY/One...

Eddie, we'll miss you

Eddie, we'll miss you

Eddie, We'll miss you We are sad to inform...

WPHS Saturday October 14, 2017

WPHS Saturday October 14, 2017

In Flanders fields the poppies blow, Between the crosses, row...

Rotary Quotation of the week 42

Rotary Quotation of the week 42

William B. Boyd (Pakuranga, New Zealand) Rotary International President -...

The 3rd 100% RGHF Club in the World

The 3rd 100% RGHF Club in the World

Photos from the Pinning Ceremony of RGHF members of the “Rotary Cl ub of...

  • In memoriam Presidents of ROTARY/One
  • Eddie, we'll miss you
  • WPHS Saturday October 14, 2017
  • Rotary Quotation of the week 42
  • Why does history matter
  • Memorabilia
  • The 3rd 100% RGHF Club in the World

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We are proud of

Helen Reisler

New York Rotary's Response to 9/11:

The Magic of Rotary

She appears on the 0:31 second

in the Official Rotary Anthem

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RGHF member


Barry Rassin


RI President Elect 2018 - 2019

RC East Nassau, New Providence (Bahamas)

RGHF member


Mark Daniel Maloney


RI President Nominee 2019 - 2020

RC Decatur, Alabama, (USA)

Dear Reader,

The OFN Team wishes all its readers a Happy New Rotary Year!

In his Presidential message for July, RI President Ian H.S. Riseley shares “Through Rotary, we are Making a Difference in the world; and the more involved we become, the more of a difference Rotary makes to each of us. Rotary challenges us to become better people: to become ambitious in the ways that matter, to strive for higher goals, and to incorporate Service Above Self into our daily lives.”

As we commence the new Rotary year, it is an opportune time to recommit ourselves to the ideals of Rotary and pledge to continue Doing Good in the World.

In this Rotary year, we would like to get much closer to achieving our objective of a polio-free world. Let us come together and continue Making a Difference.

We come with a new and fresh look of Our Foundation Newsletter, and hope you like it. We would be most happy to receive your feedback.

Rotary regards,

Jeetendra Sharma

Editor in Chief – RGHF’s Our Foundation Newsletter