The books on RGHF


R.I. in G.B. and Ireland. Norman Proctor R.I.B.I
My Road to Rotary Paul Harris R.I.
Doing Good in the World David Forward R.I.
A Century of Service David Forward R.I.
Paul Harris and the Birth of Rotary Fred Carvin
Paul Harris, Grow Up ! Irene Herz
The Golden Wheel David Nicholl MacDonald and Evans
Wheel of Adventure Arthur Hunt Brighton R.C.
Paul Harris in Britain Basil Lewis Humberside R.C.
The Life & Times of James and
Lilian Davidson Robert Lampard Red Deer R.C.
As I Was Saying. Cliff Dochterman
The First Rotarian James Walsh ScanBooks
Towards My Neighbour C.R. Hewitt Longman Green
James Wheeler Davidson N.T. Joseph
Jubilee 50 Hull R.C.
80 Years Young Rex Dempsey Brighton R.C.
Unknown, yet, well known Howard Caskie
To Whom Much Is Given Ronald Sondee Traverse City R.C.
Peregrinations 1, 2, 3 Paul Harris R.I.