"Within three months from the date of ... a chance 1910 ... meeting, Jean became Mrs. Paul Harris and two years later he placed her in a home of her own on the top of the wooded hill, having christened [named] the place “Comely Bank” in honor of the street in beautiful Edinburgh where Jean’s eyes first opened to the light of day. It will be observed that Paul internationalized his family before inter nationalizing Rotary, thus manifesting the possession of sporting blood and of his willingness to take his own medicine. He hopes that the international character of his marriage with Jean may prove to be a good omen for Rotary." 


Paul P. Harris, "The Founder of Rotary" 1928, page 109  Comely Bank, AKA,

The Paul and Jean Harris Home. 10856 Longwood Drive, Chicago 60642



The Home 


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Paul & Jean