RLI agrees to:

Invite RGHF to its Annual Breakfast Meeting on June 1, 2016 at 7:30 a.m. at the MVL Goyang Hotel in Seoul, South Korea; provide 5 minutes of the Breakfast Program to RGHF to announce that RLI and RGHF plan to cooperate in the development of an RLI graduate program in the History of Rotary, which program would be added to the graduate programs available to all RLI division courses; to introduce senior RGHF officers present at the Breakfast; to announce to its membership that RGHF members will be invited to the Breakfast; to run the Breakfast in its sole control and without any financial responsibility or liability for RGHF.

RGHF agrees to:

Cooperate with RLI to design a course in Rotary history for the use of RLI divisions in their graduate courses options; promote the breakfast to its membership via email, social media, and all communication methods used by RGHF to its members; to alert its members how to register for the Breakfast on RLI Annual Breakfast Meeting Seoul, Korea to cooperate generally with RLI for a successful joint event.