The Official Call for the THIRD ANNUAL CONVENTION

of the National Association of Rotary Clubs of America


The Third Annual Convention of this Association will convene at Duluth, Minnesota, on Tuesday, August 6th, 1912, for the purpose of receiving and acting upon reports of its officers and committees, for the election of officers and directors and for the transaction of such other business as may be brought before the convention.


Article VI of the Constitution and By-Laws of this Association provides for "REPRESENTATION IN CONVENTION" as follows:


Section 1. Each affiliating Rotary Club shall be entitled in the Annual Convention to one delegate for each fifty (50) of its members or major fraction thereof, provided that each Club shall be entitled to at least one delegate in said Convention.


Sec. 2. Each delegate at the Annual Convention shall be entitled to cast one vote on all questions submitted to the Convention.


Sec. 3. Every delegate shall be a member of the affiliating Rotary Club he represents.


Sec. 4. Any delegate present may be designated by the affiliating Rotary Club as an alternate for one or more delegates from such affiliating Rotary Club not present, and, when so designated by proper authority, shall, in addition to his own vote, be entitled to vote as such alternate for the non‑attending delegate or delegates he represents.


The Constitution provides that each Club shall elect a general Committeeman (the general Committeemen elect the National Board of Directors), but nothing is said therein as to how the delegates, shall be chosen. Each Club, therefore, can by resolution (if provision is not already made in that Club's By‑Laws) prescribe the manner in which its delegates shall be selected‑by election of the Club, by election of the Board of Directors, by appointment of the President, or otherwise.


Every Club is urged to send to the Convention not only its Constitutional delegates, but also a large delegation of visitors. All visiting Rotarians (even the not voting delegates) will be very welcome at the Convention, and they will find much to interest and benefit them.


 This call is issued by direction of and for the BOARD OF DIRECTORS,


 PAUL P. HARRIS, President.


Attest: CHESLEY R. PERRY, Secretary.


Dr. Wolfgang Ziegler  August 2006